Amethyst Point Crystal
Amethyst Point Crystal
Amethyst Point Crystal
Amethyst Point Crystal
Amethyst Point Crystal

Amethyst Point Crystal

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   Natural Amethyst Point Crystal Healing     Energy Stone 

Product Using: Aromatherapy, Massage, Healing
Shape: Point Wand obelisk 
Weight: 30-60g
Product Sale Unit: 1 Piece
Material: Natural Amethyst
Technology: Manual made and polished
Color: Purple
Material: Crystal
Regional Feature: Africa
Style: Feng Shui
is_customized: YES
Theme: Pyramid

Pair next to the Amethyst Crystal Tower, a little piece of cotton with lavender or chamomile oil. "Amethyst is a peaceful and relaxing crystal," especially with meditation.

Product Material:

100% natural amethyst

The effect of crystal stones point

1.  Natural Crystal and Stones, have the Energy from Nature, Crystal Point can Better Concentrate the Energy in the Top Part, is Used and helps to Heal, Adjust the Body, one of the Best Tool of the Spirit Body in meditation. Aromatherapy is the best tool to relax, detox mind and Body, Concentration. All Natural Healing, Chacra Stones.

The Stones are perfect tools to fight negativity, jealousy, Home negative Bibes, and more to offer.

All Stones we sell are 100% Natural Stones.

2. Form a Powerful Energy Field from the Centre, the Energy will be Emitted Straight Out from the Top Tip, wherever the Crystal Pillar is Placed.

3. Improve Work Efficiency. The Energy of the Crystal Can Clear our Minds and Refresh the Spirit, the soul. Meditation with a Crystal Point Strengthen Your Personal Source of Inspiration.

 Sharpen Your Mind.

4.  Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation. Put the Crystal Point On the computer, TV, microwave oven and Other Electrical Product, Can Reduce its Radiation, Protecting the  Body not be exposed directly to the Interference by Electromagnetic Wave.

These Cristal, in particular, ends in a Pyramid Shape and help to absorb negative energy and blockages from the chakras. Crystals and Stones, also help with meditation and healing. We have a wide range of pyramids made from various stones such as amethyst, agate, apophyllite, crystals, etc.

coming very soon different sizes and colours, giant Pyramids in Crystal, Stones, all top Stones types. Keep coming please, thank you for your patience.

 Size and Weight

Sizes (Please, Be Aware of the Size and weight, these Crystal towers are very small, the photo is big with the purpose of showing you the product near and details.

Length: 50-60 mm (5-6cm) -  Width:15-20 mm (1.5-2cm) -  Thickness: 15-20 mm (1.5-2cm) Weight:   20-30g

Length: 61-70 mm - Width: 15-20 mm - Thickness: 15-20mm - Weight:  30-40g

Length: 71-80 mm - Width: 15-20 mm - Thickness: 15-20 mm - Weight:  40-50g

Other information

The Size and Weight are Measured Manually, and There may Be a 1~3mm Error

 Its energy is emitted from the top tip straightly, called generator if its weight is enough, will be emitted continuously, forming a strong energy field from the center point, like a swirl, is the best house treasure, help improve spirituality. White crystal point is called vacuum cleaner, can absorb the disease. Can be used to set up a seven-star array, is good for meditation and visualization; -Its powerful energy gathers at the top, is the best tool for healing and adjusting the body and spirit; -Can play a role in degaussing, reducing radiation of home appliance effectively; -Can Balance your body and mind, adjust your emotions, help to concentrate.


Because it is 100cm, (a meter), natural crystal, it is hard to keep towers identicals and these may happen: The size & weight of everyone always is different, it's normal for the difference. The color may also have differences with each product, it is normal. The pictures often look larger than real product, please refer to the product size.

Positive Attitude and Optimism,  Your Mind is Powerful.



Positive Attitude and Optimism,  Your Mind is Powerful.

                      Amethyst is a peaceful and relaxing crystal,


Positive Attitude and Optimism,  Your Mind is Powerful.

   In Your Home Absorbing "Negative Energy" and Create Positive     Attitude and Optimism


An Air of Tranquillity in the Room   

Amethyst, Relax You, Combined with Lavender Oil as a Stress-                          Relieving, Chamomile Oil, "Fight Stress Levels" and Infuse a "Sense of Calm" in the Whole House as Well



Positive Attitude and Optimism,  Your Mind is Powerful.

 Pairing crystals and essential oils help individuals better achieve   Health and Happiness, Leading to Better Health and  Well-Being Overall. Another Important Benefit,  Help You With weight Balance and Management. The Mind is Powerful.                                  

Positive Attitude and Optimism

Positivity and an Optimistic Point of View, are Inborn for Some People. For Others, These Important Life Skills Can Be Introduced, cultivated. Be Positive, Optimist, The Crystals Oils, All Aromatherapy, Have Only One Goal To Reach  is "You", Your Wellbeing, Your Harmony, Helping You to Archive the Best of you Inside-Out. And, It                               


With time, you’ll develop the ability to intuitively know what heal and support your body. Consider a starting point from where the rest of your journey can begin.

Positive Attitude and Optimism



Positive Attitude and Optimism,  Your Mind is Powerful.



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